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Workshop Accepted at DIS'23

Exciting news! A joint workshop proposal submitted to the Designing Interactive Systems conference (DIS) was accepted. Co-authors are Sebastian Prost, Nick Taylor, Angelika Strohmayer, Henry Collingham, Debora De Castro Leal, Max Krüger, Jen Liu, Clara Crivellaro, and John Vines.

Titled "Bringing Sustainability through, in, and of HCI into Conversation", the workshop aims to facilitate a holistic debate and reflection on sustainability in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HC) using the sustainability reflection cards.

In the HCI community, the term "sustainability" has multiple meanings: In sustainable HCI, it frequently refers to ecologically sustainable lifestyles through the design of interactive systems and to sustainability in HCI practice itself. Community-based HCI speaks of the sustainability of HCI, referring to the longevity of our socio-technical interventions. This workshop seeks to bring together these different conceptions of sustainability to explore their commonalities. Arguably, longevity is important for sustainable HCI, as is ecological impact for community-based HCI.

For this workshop, we invite participants from diverse fields, including but not limited to sustainable HCI, HCI4D, Community-Based Participatory Design, and Digital Civics to reflect on past and current work and design sustainability roadmaps to help researchers and designers to conceive, run, and evaluate future projects with sustainability through, in, and of HCI in mind.

The workshop will take place on the 10 July 2023 both online and in-person in Pittsburgh, PA, USA (co-located with DIS conference). For more information, please find visit our dedicated website for the workshop.

The full workshop proposal can be downloaded from the ACM Digital Library (subscription required) or from our Resources page.

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